Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Random thought on the holiday: Isn't King Kong (any version) the perfect movie for Valentine's Day?


Adam Alexander said...

See, this reminds me of the end of "King Kong Escapes" when Kong is swimming home and the intolerable leading man, Captain Nelson or something, puts his arm around the leading lady (Kong's squeeze) and says something like:

No, let him go... I think he's had enough of what we call "civilization"...

Except replace the word "civilization" with "women who get you killed."

Brian said...

Weren't the relationships going on in that submarine pretty complicated? It always seemed like smarmy Nelson was hitting on Susan, but she was all over Jiro.

And that line was a pretty weak way to try to add some relevance to a big monster bash. All I learned was that mad science will give you bad teeth.

Adam Alexander said...

Really? I learned a lot of things from that movie. Like, if you yell slowly and loudly enough, a giant ape will understand you ("KONG... STOP... THE... SHIP!").

Nelson was the most asshole protagonist of any Kaiju movie I've ever seen.